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Paweł Tomkiel

TL;DR aka Exec summary

This is what I've done

Google Cloud Platform

GCP Professional Cloud Architect
GCP Associate Cloud Engineer December 2020

Google is an engineering company. Their cloud is built by engineers for engineers. That always will be more appealing to me than even greatest set of features from other providers.

My cloud journey continues 🌊

Amazon Web Services

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate September 2020

Despite moving more to the managerial side of business I'm still engineer at heart, hence my first cloud certification.

Agility is incomplete without cloud ☁️

Agile organisations, Deloitte Digital

Podcast host May 2020 - present

I feel really natural in audio and video format. In this podcast we interview our guests or share our own experience from Deloitte's Agile Advisory in Poland.

As an initiator I was (co-)hosting 99% of the 50+ episodes and we reached >30k listeners in first season 🎙

Deloitte Digital, Technology Strategy & Architecture

Senior Specialist January 2020 - present

Being a consultant means using your skills to help clients in a variety of projects. I was playing roles of technical product owner, agile coach, project manager and similar. On one of the projects I spent two years as a product owner of a dozen of backend microservices, serving global traffic ~1M requests monthly for one of the largest financial services companies (occasionally doing hands on coding in typescript which was refreshing).

Business growth on enterprise level 🏇

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  • #SoftwareDevelopment
  • #Consulting
  • #Podcast

Quantic School of Business and Technology

Executive MBA October 2019 - December 2020

Being closer to the board in organisation highlighted my weak points in understanding business as a whole. I decided that getting EMBA grade will be the best answer to this.

Building hollistic view on business development. 💰


Professional Scrum Master™ I & II
Professional Agile Leadership™ I August - September 2019

After feeling agile (and belonging to process people) for few years I decided to check if I really get it. Being certificated by Scrum.org seemed to be the best choice for such assessment.

Agility confirmed. 💪


Scrum Master April 2019 - December 2019

Implementing Scrum practices on organisation level. Maintaining whole company focused and aligned. Serving with technical knowledge in product communication.

Synchronising and connecting everything with everyone. 🚀

  • #Scrum
  • #Agile
  • #Organisation
  • #Management
  • #Communication
  • #Visualisation
  • #Operations
  • #ProductMarketing
  • #BusinessValue
  • #ProjectManagement
  • #Presentation
  • #Multicloud
  • #DevOps
  • #AWS
  • #Kubernetes

Bracia przy kawie

Founder & Blogger May 2016 - Present

One man army. Writer, journalist, SEO specialist, social media manager, interviewer, content creator, server administrator and a programmer. Writing mostly about self-aware manhood from christian perspective.

Personal blog, that has monthly impact on >15k people. 🏄‍♂️

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  • #Leadership

Smart Cities

IT Project Manager April 2018 - November 2018

Software, infrastructure, IoT, communication, gathering and analysing data. Managed processes from initialisation through production to maintenance.

Created new interactive kiosk from the scratch.👨🏻‍🔧

  • #SmartCity
  • #IoT
  • #Hardware
  • #Firmware
  • #ProjectManagement
  • #ProductManagement


Technical Product Manager March 2016 - April 2018

Synchronising projects across whole company, agile coaching, facilitating roadmap creation. Leading R&D team, managing multiple projects and refining processes.

Company-wide culture-maker and knowledge-sharing-lobbyst.🌤

  • #Agile
  • #Scrum
  • #ProductManagement
  • #ProjectManagement
  • #IaaS
  • #ContinuousIntegration
  • #ContinuousDelivery
  • #TeamLeading
  • #VMware
  • #.NET
  • #API
  • #REST
  • #Angular
  • #Presentation
  • #DevOps


Solutions Architect September 2011 - March 2016

Implementing new features in PHP. Challenging L10n and i18n in rapidly growing client base. Organising client workshops and gathering feedback directly from users. Actively supporting ongoing operations of our clients.

First employee in a startup, so doing a little bit of everything. 🙃

  • #L10n
  • #i18n
  • #SaaS
  • #PHP5
  • #Symfony
  • #Linux
  • #Bash
  • #RegEx
  • #CustomerSupport
  • #TechnicalSupport

Bialystok University of Technology

Master of Engineering, Computer Science September 2009 - July 2014

Wherever I go, I meet wonderful people. University wasn't exception to this. This is where I scratched a lot of technologies, concepts and methodologies.

Came out with solid foundation for being T-shaped generalist.👨🏻‍💻


Internet Assessor April 2008 - June 2009

In the beginning Google needed much more human help in verifying search engine content. I was doing technical analysis of webpages possibly breaking Google Search Engine rules.

Thorough testing and searching for hidden exploits.🔥

  • #Javascript
  • #HTML
  • #Tests
  • #Analysis
  • #L10n


Technical Advisor December 2007 - December 2008

Beginning of my professional journey. Ongoing customer support and troubleshooting issues of our clients.

  • #CustomerSupport
  • #Telecom

This is what I believe in


🔎 Be open
🙃 Collaborate
📖 Share knowledge


💪 Do the right things
🌟 Be curious
🦁 Take responsibility


🔥 One Thing
🧶 Simplify
🚀 Eliminate waste


🕵🏻‍♂️ Inspect
🔧 Adapt
🏄‍♂️ Experiment


😎 Respect
🤝 Inclusivity
👨🏻‍💻 Let people do the job


🌈 Mission
💡 Work smarter, not harder
😇 Make work better place

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